• ROASA'S CLIENTS:  ROASA, Inc., is looking for professional individuals who have a product(s), service(s), or tool(s) that can be used to educate young people about African American history here in America and Abroad.   Products, services, and tools may include, music, art, poetry, spoken-word, books, games, workshops, seminars, cultural tours, international cultural programs, apprentice programs, and museum tours, etc.  We are also looking for professional business owners who will serve as RYES' Professional-valued Providers to mentor youth about the importance of becoming responsible and productive individuals in all aspect of life. (Please complete below form!)
  • ROASA'S PARTNERS AND SPONSORS:  ROASA, Inc., is looking for like-minded large and small business owners, non-profit and for-profit organization's presidents/executive directors, schools, universities, churches, and special interest groups  to share in the development in the ROASA Youth Empowerment Series (RYES) platform.  Through the RYES's pronounced (Rise) program we will come together and build strong and lasting relationships with large and small businesses, Federal, State and Local government officials, church leaders, artists, speakers, performers, and students, etc., who see the true value in supporting young people by exposing them to positive role models. RYES is an interactive approach that allow both young people and adults to learn from one another, while showcasing their professional skills and talents.  RYES focus primarily on educating communities about African American history and highlighting positive traits of notable African American leaders.  Join the new "RYES With A Cry Youth Movement" and share your gifts that you can offer.  (Please complete below form!)

  • ROASA's Members:  Your membership is Free and you will obtain all the necessary resources to learn about your self while learning your history.  Through ROASA's Roadmap to Self workshops, annual retreats, youth meet-n-greet, and other events and activities with our RYES' Professional-valued provides you will be expose to products, services, and tool to uplift to achieve success in all your endeavors.(Please complete below form!)

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